Leonardo Damiani

Leonardo Damiani

From 2021: Member of the Academic Senate of Bari Polytechnic University.

From 2021: Director of the Departments of Civil, Environmental, Land and Construction Engineering, and Engineering Chemistry and Chemistry of Bari Polytechnic University (DICATECh).

Since 2020: Member of the Teachers’ Board of the Doctoral School “Risk, Environmental, Spatial and Construction Development”

2012-2015: Dean of the Master’s Degree Program in Environmental and Land Use Engineering.

2016-2021: Member of the scientific council of GII (National Academic Association in the fields of Hydraulics, Hydraulic and Maritime Construction and Hydrology)

Since 2008: Member of the Technical-Administrative Council (TAC) of the Ministry of Public Works of the Apulia Region.

1995-1996: Member Regional Technical-Administrative Council (CRTA) of the Calabria Region.


Since 2003: Full Professor of Hydraulics and Maritime Construction and Hydrology at Bari Polytechnic University.

2000-2003: Associate Professor of Hydraulics at the Polytechnic University of Bari.

1992-2001: Adjunct professor at the University of Calabria.

1985-2000: Researcher of Hydraulics at the University of Bari.

1982-1992: Partner in the engineering firm “Damiani associate Eng.”

1983-1984: Visiting researcher at M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA, USA).